Matthew Hutton is a well-known practitioner in the field of taxation. Specific professional interests are capital taxation and estate planning.

He draws on over 30 years experience in taxation, both as a solicitor and, up to September 2000, in running his own tax consultancy. He now brings this wealth of experience direct to a wider audience through his lectures, articles and books about tax.

Tax rules and practice are changing as fast as they have ever done. Through his focus on the subject and his network of contacts, Matthew keeps himself abreast of these changes. This ensures that the information received by his hearers and readers alike is both up-to-date and well considered, enabling them to give the best advice to their clients.

Matthew is also a member of four consultative committees. All this helps him keep in touch with developments in both law and practice.

As well as Hutton on Estate Planning, Matthew is the author of Tolley’s UK Taxation of Trusts (21st Edition 2011).